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3 Steps to Clean Air

  1. Be aware of air quality and modify your outdoor activity accordingly based on this chart.
    The Valley Air District has services that notify you of the current air quality called Realtime Air Advisory Network. To sign up for emails or texts, go to
    “Sensitive groups” should include: Children younger than 18, seniors over the age of 65, pregnant women, people with respiratory diseases or cardiac problem. Active adults who work outdoors should also monitor air quality closely.
    CVAQ Outdoor Guidelines
  2. Pollute less.
    As residents of the Valley, we also contribute to the pollution problem with our simple everyday activities. Here are some ideas of how we can pollute less:
      Buy local products to reduce diesel pollution from shipping
    • Trip Link or Carpool
    • Bike, walk or take the bus when possible.
    • Keep your car well maintained
    • Use electric lawn or yardcare equipment
    • BBQ without lighter fluid, and if possible with gas instead of charcoal
    • Don’t heat your home with woodburning stove or fireplace, but if you want a fire get a gas
    • fireplace, or other clean burning insert.
    • Consider eating less meat and dairy products, large animal facilities create pollution.
    • When selecting a place to live, consider how much you’ll have to drive for work, school and services, try to live in a walkable, convenient neighborhood.
    • If you own a business, look into cleaner, newer equipment that produces less emissions such as diesel trucks, forklifts, tractors, pumps, etc.
    • Check for assistance and rebate programs that can help you pay for some of these ideas such as their Tune-In, Tune-Up program for car maintenance, Clean Green Yard Machines for rebates on electric mowers, and Burn Cleaner for rebates on woodstove inserts, Drive Clean rebates for clean-air vehicles.
  3. Take Action to Clean Up the Air
    • Education is power! Share the facts you learned in this section with friends and family.
    • Contact your elected representatives at any level and tell them how important clean air is to you and your family.
    • Join CVAQ’s efforts to advocate for clean air! (559) 442-4771 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.