CVAQ envisions a healthy, safe, and economically prosperous San Joaquin Valley where chronic air pollution and epidemic sickness due to poor air quality are eliminated.


CVAQ will work toward awareness, act as a watchdog, advocate for policy, and mobilize communities to create clean air in the San Joaquin Valley. CVAQ will ensure that people of all races, cultures, classes, and beliefs have meaningful opportunities to be involved in community projects, policy development, and regulatory processes to improve regional health.


Founded in 2003, The Central Valley Air Quality (CVAQ) Coalition is a partnership of more than 70 community, medical, public health, environmental and environmental justice organizations representing thousands of residents in the San Joaquin Valley that are unified in their commitment to improve the health of Californians by (a) seeking full and vigorous enforcement of the federal Clean Air Act, (b) strengthening State law and District regulations relating to air quality, and (c) educating the public about the serious health impacts of air pollution. CVAQ is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a registered public non-profit. Donations are fully tax deductible.