New campaign to ‘unmask’ Fresno, cut air pollution. ‘We are the canary in the coal mine’

The push for better air quality in the San Joaquin Valley has a new team of advocates – doctors – who are taking a more active role in demanding clean air for the region.

The Central California Asthma Collaborative has partnered with Unmask My City, a global air pollution initiative, with health professionals at the forefront of calling for change.

Fresno is the first city in California to join the initiative, said Jeni Miller, executive director of The Global Climate and Health Alliance, during a news conference Wednesday outside a Boys & Girls Club in southeast Fresno.

The new Unmask Fresno partnership comes at a key time for air quality advocacy in Fresno. The city was selected to receive more funds through the passage of Assembly Bill 617 in 2017, aiming to help communities most impacted by air pollution.

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